Heat at the touch of a button

One touch of the perfectly integrated Plus button suffices for the in-built rechargeable battery to produce heat. All fingers can be warmed separately thanks to 3 individual heat settings. Yet the Snowlife Heat GTX Liion glove is extremely light-wearing and easy to operate. The battery can be recharged
many times.


Heat from the package

Those who don't want to use a rechargeable battery but still want to have a  source of additional heat on them at all times, should choose the hand  warmer model. When taken out of their airtight packaging, the carbon fibres
in the hand heat packs combine with the oxygen in the air and heat up to about 50 degrees Celsius. When placed in the Snowlife heating bag specially designed for this purpose, these hand heat packs give off a pleasant amount of heat for about seven hours, making even the coldest day’s skiing enjoyable.